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    Swan Song Ft. Karina Nistal
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    4). Swan Song Ft. Karina Nistal

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THis is a Double Disc Album.


released March 24, 2012



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Enigmatic - Champion
if moneys power everybody call me zues
addicted to the music substance abuse
iwo jima planting the flag of truth
bullets flying by my head yet im standing true
DIY, lemme show you what it do
not texas made but yet i love to screw
referred to like the manual i just walk em through
i know the proper procedures but still i act obtuse
my angle never right walk with fallen angels everyday
leave em dismayed as my problems i o'lay
never one for gun play no id rather come say to your face
thats how a champion is raised
greatness from my birth to grave
fakeness is my kyptonite
origins of all my spite it ignites and excites
blazing through the verbal spectrum
all the haters i just pass em like a movement through my rectum
that just means they shitted on
and at me they shouldnt gone

keep your fame enigmatic is going for glory
leading the exodus this my personal pass-over story
one for the books the way im wrecking records is gory
before i foreclose EGO_Centric The Final Notice
Go out as a king barack o bama flow potus
eclipsing competition this pedigree rarely seen
movie star charm championship genes
victory was destined on the day i was conceived
i beat the odds once been breaking the tables since
look around me you can see all the evidence
taking care of mine like they took care of me
familya forever and money so fleeting.
remember whats important never suffocate your dreams
i breath life into mine with every goal that i achieve
success is guaranteed 100 just bet on me
enigmatic is the master his degree is 33
Track Name: Enigmatic - Big Deal Ft. Vizion

I'm a big deal every since i rode in my big wheel
haters looking at me saying damn that how big feel
3-9 y'all ready know the date, birth of one mother fucker that was great
you know what they say one soul must go so another can grow
i don't make comparisons im just comparable
wild like a caribou walked a mile in ever shoe
come and take a walk in mine, im(bounced)
steady off that stupid shit ladies i don't know cupid
no you cant have a couple quid
thinking you gonna keep me by your side by having couple kids
better think again i keep it strapped like mobsters planning hits
in the studio im baby talking lady gaga for these monster hits and fame
got no diamonds in my chain keep the money in my brain
yes i swear this shits insane and im only asking once
can ya can ya see my name


Jacking all trades keep a high profile
pulling all bitches Danny tanner style
tag uncle Jessy in so couligh
random bitches ogle me right before they Google me
now the zooming in my orbit so they tidal locked to me
i control em like a satellite im NASA to the freaks
willing on a beat, risking with my speech
winning while im pulling off amazing fucking feats
if you want it come and get it, i am always down for trouble
steady standing on the double trey, riding in some luxury
popping off some bubbly, haters they loving me, im never loving though
riding past the bullshit eyes focused on the crown
running every county city mayor of your town
better get prepared for this and sit your ass down
cause im only asking once so pay attention now
Track Name: Enigmatic - All I Need Ft. Just-In
verse 1

yes i like to sit back reminisce about the days i was just so happy to set foot up on stage /
nervous as a mother when i first stepped into the booth moment that i entered i knew that i had found /
the reason for the cause i stay bleeding for these bars if i never get it i will die trying indeed /
not for glitz or the glamor but to help increase speed of the very next me hopefully they will achieve /
where i did fall short if i do chance get chance i will never distort
i know that im held liable for my actions in public court /
so i jot down my transgressions hoping to gain some support /

verse 2

im infected by the flu who wants to give a shot /
wishing on a shooting star its so pretty at the top cant you see my beauty mark/
blazing new trails Lewis and clarking don't you see my character arcing /
running for my shot no more Christopher walken this isn't rap nah this is me talking /
im fresh outta storage this music is porridge /
the beats i destroy as they scream foyer we here for the voyage /
through the darkness ive foraged from me the lights pouring /
my chance i aint snoring prepared like corpsman /
like up to the minute news im breaking and just-in/

verse 3/

treating music like its dap dog gimme that /
i stay running back forth supporting those /
its vicious cycle that we in i suppose /
never posting up a front an honest soul /
sacrifice everything for an honest go /
domination of the basics i just pick and roll /
everything falling to place vamanos /
im just trying to lock this game up like dominoes /
promoted to the main lead from supporting role /
yes i paid the price but it took a toll /
picking up steam Santa gave me all the coal /
one day rolling stone will write an article /
Track Name: Enigmatic - What Happened Ft. White Rhyno
Did it go or did we make it run away
Now a days everyone is making music to get paid
Buffet full of cliches and they out weigh
Every single that honest that is trying to pave a way
Super manning every verse just to save my love
And I'm told every day that the cause has been lost
But the line has been crossed I could never look back
I don't want a ring tone
Rather have a pack strapped to my back
What happened to the music is a statement that is fact
Blame it on the CEOs or rappers that are lacking luster
Truth be told consumers are the ones that are holding all the mustard
Don't be hypocritical stand by the side of what you buy
If you do not like it then on the shelf let it die
Support that are making music to survive
Not to pay the bills but to stay alive inside

Snare bass and kick
Living out my whip
Damn this shit is sick
Swine flu when I spit
Pandemic flow
Outta control
Hold the prize in my hand never go
Track Name: Enigmatic - Back & Forth Ft. Y.U.N.G.
Me and young are smoking verses like we cheifing blunts
Please don't catch no feelings swear that we just doing this for fun
I'll leave ya hobbling your bitch will be wobbling
My semen she swallowing hows my kids taste u know I hadda ask
Amazing and ecstatic that's how I describe myself
Anesthesia Is needed if you going for the belt
Cause I'm going for your heart after I rip out your jugular
Place it on my mantle That's the spirit of my hustler
You cannot hustle me I'm the envy of your peers
With your television flow your talent is so sheer
Your manuscript is spit by every rapper in the field
Copyright infringement your materials not real
Track Name: Enigmatic - Ill Be Waiting Ft. D-Lo
i will not tell a soul tonight its me and you
your secrets i will hold your my forbidden fruit
my partner in cahoots
if they every find out trust me girl
will both need ladders cause everybody shoot
when i see you on the bed spread i know you worth the risk
every night we meet is amazing wrapped in bliss
i must admit girl your the one i miss
and every time i close my eyes your the one i kiss
body shaped like hour sand glass is
situation stickier then molasses
we risk are asses to enjoy time passing by our view
the world can fuck itself when im next to you
different positions cause i know you need variety
i love to hear you moan and scream
legs wrapped around me
your back against the walls never ever felt this good
we both wait for each other we know why its understood
Track Name: Enigmatic - Say it with me
I finally made it not talking bout being famous /
My placement I arrange it I battled with the greatest /
I finally made it this shit is crazy /
They say my soul is jaded my technique you can't fade it /
I finally made it I love being debated /
Positioned at the head of the class never graded the path has been paved inferno like I'm Dante
my comedy's divine I'm true to every line /


From the tippy top to the sea below /
I've conquered every peak and all plowed through all plateaus /
I'm reaching out farther then I have before /
Will I crash and burn only god knows /
Following my destiny star gate shows /
I'm the geekiest rapper to ever spit a flow /
I keep a threes company so follow me
Like a twitter r squared feed i call it tech speak /
Married females text me be prepared to lose if you wanna test me /
I'm the coolest square so call me menthol /
Smoother then baby's ass my glass is more then half full /
I only keep a handful of trusted compatriots


I'm here to swallow up the game like a black hole/
You can't escape me you can't defeat me /
I have the power of the universe what else I need/
Accomplished every goal my legend set I'm stone /
If you survived everything I have you'd be cocky to/
I hear you reciting my lines like a cock-a-to /
Y'all very ras b y'all needing a cock or two /
So shove it in your mouth I was bred to butter every doubt /
Urlaching these niggas Running over every foe that's steps into my route /
Never doubting myself keep your riches I want wealth /
Like the liquor in your parents cabinet I am top shelf /


Of me I think highly indeed if I didn’t could you believe /
Or flatter me pay the high fee to see honestly /
Im just a regular guy you can be like me /
Track Name: Enigmatic - Bye Bye Blue Byrd Ft. Ralph Lauren StarChild
verse 1

It’s the same story just a different person Surrounded by these lies of this im certain /
Wading through the bullshit cause it always rises now im sitting on the risers looking past horizons /
You say its funny I laugh it off, now im chilling on the beach like david hasselhoff /
Model bitches in bikinis sipping on martinis this is the life that you always wanted aint it ironic now
I think its comical you wanted everything I couldn’t give I got it know /
I just needed little time lack of faith wont let ya jump /
Understandable I get it before me your world ended /

Verse 2
I knew my part I played the game stayed in my lane got paid in shame /
I know you thinking maybe sorta that this track about ya /
I hate to disappoint but this track is not about ya /
Its all encompassing every moment that I spent or memory created /
I am incarnated fate stepping off the gated path illumination cast /
Shadows that do ever last stuck inside my misery till lessons are acquired from my past /
That’s the task in my hand jet setting on a plan I do not blame you I take responsibility I let you do all those things that made
Me feel I had no choice
Track Name: Enigmatic - Season Opener Ft. Gnarly Jargon x Alex Ludovico
what we got in common buddy both are jargon gnarly
any women we pick are opposite of Harley no hogs
in the bedroom i just flip like em pogs, blamo
slam em on the back like logs
hear the crack of the bat its the season opener
break every other rappers back, tossing no hope to them
they tell me im too blunt and i reply im smoking them
why so serious heath, i know your curious
how i teeter totter on the edge not slip like im ledger
swear it motherfucker do not want me on some measures
cause my potency is greater then bombs from Nevada desserts
this is what it must feel like to be Chinese
soap opera scheme building me a dynasty

john picarrdin federation im the leader of tomorrow
never wallow in my sorrows
or drown them in the bottom of bottles
i know i am the model
yet tomorrow is my future and yesterday my truth
living in the present when im spitting in the booth.
Track Name: Enigmatic - I Can
Flights to the moon I can do that
Afternoons in Cancun I can do that
Go and bang with the goons I can do that
Anytime they hear me rap they asking who's that
I'm claiming im the best I'm too eager to proof that.
The rations are too meager I'm tired off stamps
No longer just accepting like Zelda I need a link
A passage outta here my passion will slay fear
Bio engineered in a celestial sphere
My illusion is reality that no one hopes exist
Manifested destiny invested in 33
I am cultivating greatness
I love it when I hear my verses back verbatim
This is life no MTV you can not make me.
You cannot take
I know that u have some doubt so I will break thee
Your a flea ima god your a goon I'm the mob
Always one level above

I can make you I can make you I can make u better
Tell do you know of anyone who sounding better
Any hit you think you have well I have one that's better
Because I can do it I can do it I can do it I can do it better

Let's talk about the issues that are plaguing eddy g
I promise you there common but there rooted deep in me
There a part of every protein sequence that makes up my genes
So it's really hard to break away if you follow me
A neurotic narcissist try to exist as I do
There's no plateau in my view only hidden peaks and valleys
I'm the monkey here to rally add another to the Talley
So I live inside the moment hoping I'm ain't overdosing
Start my morning with mimosas end my nights off with patron
My psychosis it controls me it destroyed me for these trophies
Trying to hold onto composure but it slips between my fingers
For this life I need a ringer to come take away the pain
It's encompassing my soul and suffocated my brain
I am madder then the hatter please do not explore my banter
It will lead you to psychosis cause the rabbit hole is open
Care to find how deep it goes don't blame me if u lose yourself

I can make you I can make you I can make u better
Tell do you know of anyone who sounding better
Any hit you think you have well I have one that's better
Because I can do it I can do it I can do it I can do it better

Im a rapper in a mc one day catch in a Bentley
I don't need to be wealthy just give me healthy
Life that's full of love all the haters stay below
greatness operates above the atmosphere like slug
I'm here to demonstrate the true meaning of love
Like a ratchet bitch at clubs I'm here to buss it open
Looking like the token white boy I'm a spic whos is broken
My life is so damn epic it's penned my j r r Tolkien
I'm the lord in every ring and gryphons they rise with me
Fantasies reality anything my mind imagines I can make it be
All my hopes and dreams and every fear that does come with it
I'll make you proud when u see me know that my origins
Were meager that made my spirit eager I battle with battalions
At night I'm planning with liters
When i step into the studio I'm told im like the beetles.
Track Name: Enigmatic - I Am
i dont really fit into the ordinary category

nerd on paper who got charged like a battery

knowledge is higher then the cap on my salary

travel to towns with portraits in galleries

stars aren't very far interstellar fantasies

mediocrity is not a tolerable degree

mind is always working never absentee

brighter then the downtown Christmas tree

enlist me you'll never fall short i reach deep

never scared to go wrist deep come out smelling like roses sweet

always innovating never obsolete

star trek nerd ima super geek

in the bedroom i need super freak

yes we can speak about about anything

aliens or politics every scene


i am not who you think i am

please do not judge me where i stand

take your time get to know the man

i might surprise ya just understand

i am not who you think i am

like a butcher with some meat im finessing every beat

cause i took every class that i needed to be

i taught a couple lessons that were learned to me

but im still learning more everyday im growing

the knowledge is aboundent i just soak it all in

when its my turn to pen i drop huckleberry Finn

Read every classic thats why im penning them

constantly raising bars you can say im hemming them

major league-ing, i lockout for obscene

amounts of the money cause im greedy for green

hope you are catching the satire in between

ill do anything to support my team

im the white whale call me moby dick

do i die at the end do you remember the tale

or is it Ahab that goes over the rail

don't sell me short my full price will prevail

only have the answers to the question that i seek

info in the my head is tailored like a boutique

wikileaks wants a crack they seek the info i keep

the speech i speak might wake some sheep

refreshing like early morning tea

no return to normalcy

out of date no warranty

history is what they preach

honesty is what i seek

a rise from minioncy

not Chrysler currency

that's fiat backed by greed

not money backed by gold

these are the facts im told

the government is owned

conglomerate control
Track Name: Enigmatic - You Are Ft. Karina Nistal

my attention you have it baby you captured it
ill be first to admit taken by your wit
the way you quickly turn a phrase leaves me amazed
all your beauty would mean nothing if you had no brains
speaking elegantly your body is pro fain
not going out with me would make this meeting be in vain
who are we to tell destiny that shes insane
maybe you and i are meant to set this world ablaze
help me learn your value cause right i cant appraise
i know your worth more then every penny i have saved
i see myself waking up next to you every day
and hold in ya in my arms as we dream the night away
invest my lifetime just to know your dossier
i see us walking down the aisle you tossing the bouquet
you call my jigga cause i rap come be my beyonce


she wants to rock and roll
im down to load and go
any destination baby im mission control
navigate the stars visit different galaxies
i can show u more carrots then a rabbit see
i know your not impressed by precious metal luxurious
lets go have a moment create a memory
you cherish those most then them shiny things
that doesn't mean i wont ice you out like skating ranks
every queen deserves her king i hope you realize
in this part of our life baby im taking flight
its because of your love that im outta sight
your the reason i blew up your my dynamite
i was blind but now i see your my line of sight
the inspiration behind every single line i write
you taught me to speak my mind and never bite my tongue
so here it goes, i love you and you are the one.
Track Name: Enigmatic - Love Never Lost
Love never lost

times i miss her no i don't
sprinting towards the finish line i was your running joke
the trust that you broke with the words that you spoke
gimme back my ring you don't deserve anything
trini yous a liar yes i caught you in your scheme
save your crocodile tears i know what they mean
blind by love now tragedy opened my view
rather be alone then to end up with someone like you
hope that you covered up that tattoo for your new man
one south of the border got down in Mexico
navy blue heart im forever controlling your soul
when will i let go never just to let you know
encased it and placed it now it sits on my mantel
spoils of war like milk being left out i spoiled you galore
did i deserve did i deserve to be walked on like the floor
you stupid ............
no its like that, yes i still love you but its not like that
like i told you before you'll forever have a place in my heart
little did you know its located in the black part
genius remarks that smarts
i can either build you up or tear you apart
you made the decision do not blame me for the lack of heart
honesty breaks faith apart
Track Name: American Dream
Verse 1:

lets talk a couple facts we all know that people lie
no ones ever perfect that's a status that's to high
elected officials are people and if all people lie
that means its just a matter of time before
the breaking news report, lawyers in the court
the trust of the people is what always get exploited
sacrifice their base just to save some face
all they had to do was go approach it face to face
after all of that it still blows up right in their face
and we let them keep the job that's the big disgrace
the government posed to fear the people cause we keep em clean
with our questioning so im questioning why are we sequestering
and not the pestering Congregational president
the real issues at hand we all see the ship is sinking
don't expect me to stay playing on the band
what ya thinking

Verse 2:

Wake up goto school graduate and get a job/
grab a car buy a house have a kid or three
and you don't see the seeds you planted for your debt are prospering
welcome to the American dream
where mother lands are sacrificed just to get a chance to swipe
a piece of that white Anglo Saxon pie
the laws we will defy we see how they selectively applied
money and power no coincidence they coincide
unless you bear the right crest there's no invite inside
tell me with your eyes can you see the great divide
the middle class is spread so thin its about to die
if you think well go by the wayside without fight
just a causality you've lost touch with reality
its sad to see a human spirit possessed by greed
controlled by the powers that be
opinions repeated from segments that ive seen on tv

Verse 3:

The world taught me everything but to trust people
Noses stuck in the air acting so regal
It's pathetic you are not better then them nor them better then you
History defining moments were fought defending this
But we all know it's untrue everything I'm learning now
Is contradicting what I learned in school that so happened
To be funded by a government that fully supported the sale of cocaine
To urban youth to fund a war you don't have to believe me just ask Oliver north
That's one for them in case you keeping score The politics are setup to support
The demise of every collar that is blue surprise that mine and yours
Chores to be a citizen now we believe in immigration is sin /
when the founding fathers immigrated to begin /
And you wonder why the theories of conspiracy exist /
The truth is such a trip /
Track Name: Enigmatic - Swan Song Ft. Karina Nistal

I saw the lights i played the shows
i need to know what heaven holds
should i hold on or should i let it go
im on the edge of losing all control
i need you now to pray for me
im on the ledge in on the brink
i see the peak im outta steam
without your help i cannot achieve dreams


why would you go and choose this road
if you would just go turn your back
we picked you cause you were
stronger then the rest
one of the very best
don't make us repossess
pick your self up

i don't think that i can do it
but you have no choice to do it


so here i am come look at me
im on display for all to see
take your hits and prod away
it don't matter cause iim here to say
the terms are mine when i leave
i control the route there's no telling me
open every door key made of skeleton
im the mold please call me gelatin
its killing me inside the pain is just too much to hide
relief i received from writing has all but subsided
inside me i am fighting for the will to keep on writing
sacrificed all i ever had just to take a shot
the risk was huge but it did paid a lot
the pay off great but defeat it was a lock
why i took it i don't know but it says a lot
my character is bred from the very best of stock

the choice is made wrote on rock
no turning back gave all i got
hold no regrets i racked them all
i bet u love to look and see me fall
take a pic nail it on a wall
make a collage so i recall
dont try and slow me down to a crawl
your not influential to me at all


we meet again here at the fork
i swear we been down this path before
turn around and see
all your accomplished feats
learn to see how unique
we guide but cannot lead
pick yourself up
Since when did u start playing nice
Stop listening to dumb advice
turn around and see
all your accomplished feats
learn to see how unique
we guide but cannot lead
Pick yourself up

do i have the strength to do it
yes you have the strength to do it


You gotta fail if you succeed
Love breeds pain and misery
I'm on the path don't follow me
devastation the answer i seek
i dont give a damn ill damn them all
keep the applause theres no curtain call
the play is done empty out the hall
get this off my chest once and for all


what will he do
i do not know
will he survive
treacherous blows
a lonely soul
it cannot grow
wither and die
and never know
the potential
that it holds


the outlooks dire it looking bleak
im on a perfect losing streak
they don't keep prisoners of war
my spirits broken sprawled out on the floor
i know my fate i go the lengths
say what you will im built for strength
do what you must im stronger willed
the power i posses is greater still
you will never stop me from achieving my dreams
even if it means i swim up every single stream
long as i got my hopes i
i will never stop im gonna take us to the top
opened the throttle bottle rock
meet at the stars shots for the bars
its time we win